Sunday, January 3, 2010

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  1. This article gives us the top 20 sexual harrasment cases of all time. This article gives us cases that are bizarre and ubelivable. One case that i found so surprising was the case between a 6 year old boy v. Brockton School District. i was shocked to see that people would acually accuse a 6 year old of sexual harrasment when the boy probably didnt even know what he was doing to that little girl. its crazy how far sexual harrsment has become and how sensitive it is now a days. Another case i found very shocking was the Dov Charney v. American Apparel Inc. Employees. the reason why i found it shocking was because since i shop in that store i would have never known that thier company was charged with sexual harrasment. there was also many cases that involved celebrity's such as Kobey Bryant, Bill Clinton, and many famous companies. this article also tells us that many of these cases were at their workplace. Thats why people should always becarful no matter what . i learned alot of this article .