Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sexual Harassment is a form of sex discrimination. it all started off in the early years when women werent allowed to work with men. sexual harassment is connected with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 title VII. Sexual harassment is mainly ocurring in the work place; even though workers are provided with a training for sexual harassment they are still responsible for any actions that occur. The reason why sexual harassment is manily happening in the work place is because supervisors use sexual content to discriminate against employees. you can always tell when a enviroment is sexualized when there is sexual joking going around, viewing pornography, sexually degrading posters or objects etc.

There are many effects that come with being sexually harassed. such as decrease in work or school performance, loss of your job or income, lost of trust towards others, increase of stress and depression when it comes to other relationships, loss of references/recommendation etc. sexual harassment can gave a big effect in organizations also because it can decrease productivity but increase workers conflict, it can also decrease job personal goals. so as you can see sexual harassment is no joke, it can effect many things in your life that can damage to physically , mentally and emotionally. There as been many cases reguarding sexual harassment where some have lost and some have won because the way sexual harassment was being dealt in the courts have changed.

Not all sexual harassments cases are considered enough to take to court because their are different type of levels of sexual harassment and they could never know which one is the victim and which one is the accusser. They have created guidelines for the academic place and work place called U.S department of education sexual harassment guidelinesn and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. There is a type of harassment called "Quid pro quo" which mean "This or that" this is the type that occurs in workplace when the supervisor promises benefits for sexual contact.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sexual Harrasment

There are many cases reguarding sexual harrasment. sexual harrasment is not a matter to joke about because this affects many peoples lives. sexual harrasment can happen anywhere, it can happen at home, outside etc. The meaning of sexual harrasment is intimidation of a sexual nature it is also known as sexual abuse. sexual harrasment can be from the same sex or the opposite sex, it doesnt matter either way. any person can charge another person for sexual harrasment if they take their behavior offensive. There are many different types of sexual harrasments such as "power-player" this type if when the harrasser insist of sexual favors in exchange for benefits, another type is "mother/father figure" this is when the harraser trys to create a mentor like relationship with their targets.